Month: September 2015

    Wedding Gifts…you don’t need to give another crock pot.

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    Give a gift that will create a memory!

    To have and to hold … until it ends up on a table at their garage sale in 10 years…still in the box.


    If you were to look in the closets and basement shelves of the relatives and friends you have bought gifts for over the years, we are confident you will find a wedding gift or two gathering dust. Some may even still be in the original box.

    Nowadays people are getting married older and have accumulated most of the items they need for their home.   There is less room for more stuff and almost guaranteed the next wedding you are going to will be registered at The Bay, Sears,  Home Sense or somewhere similar.   Great gifts but why risk your gift being tucked away unused, unremembered?


    The latest trend in gifting is to give an experience rather than ‘stuff’.   We all seem to Read More…

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