007 Experiences To Becoming James Bond

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    Breakaway Experience 007 James Bond style experiences

    Bond is back with his latest film ‘Spectre’.  James Bond has wowed us movie after movie with countless experiences and adventure that has left us in awe and envy! What if you could be James Bond, at least for a little bit?  53 years of James Bond…the list is long but there are a few Bond worthy experiences in your back yard that can have you putting it on the line for “Queen and country”.  If you want to be ready for that Bond moment or you have a 007 fan in your life who is tough to buy gifts for, these experiences may get you started on the road to Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

     1. Live and Let…Fly   Tandem Skydive

    James had us on the edge of our seats in Moonraker as he was tossed out of a plane, took the  bad guy’s parachute, fought off the evil Jaws and pulled the cord just in time.   Tandem Skydive with Breakaway Experiences in Ottawa, Gatineau, Toronto, Calgary  Exciting and adrenaline pumping yes but for your first jump you’ll be strapped to a trained jumper and they take care of the parachute and the bad guys…all in all it will be nothing less than an incredible thrill.



    2. Catch a wave…of snow →  Skiing & Snowboarding

    You can’t be Bond and not be prepared for a ski or snowboard adventure…a true 007 film staple.   In A View to a Kill Bond introduced most of us to a new, innovative sport ‘Snow Boarding’ as he dodged bullets and grenades on a snowmobile ski with ‘California Girls’ by the Beach Boys in the background.   If you haven’t tried it yet be sure to get a lesson or two before embarking on your first mission. 

    3. Leap of faith   Bungee Jump

    In the opening sequence of Golden Eye Bond leaps off a gigantic dam somewhere in Northern Russia.  He plummets hundreds of feet with a bungee cord around his ankles and ascends to the entrance of the dam…breathtaking fall.   I would recommend starting with a jump that has a shorter fall and is a little less dramatic.   Gatineau’s Great Canadian Bungee just outside of Ottawa and Whistler Bungee in British Columbia make for great practice runs before your next mission.

    Bungee jump like James Bond in Golden Eye with Breakaway Experiences

    Bungee jump and zipline like James Bond in Golden Eye with Breakaway Experiences











    4. Be ready to fly   Flight Simulator and Flying Lessons

    You never know when you will suddenly be behind the stick of an out of control plane with only moments to gain control… like Bond in the Living Daylights with a Russian transport plane and in Golden Eye as he drives off a gigantic water dam and freefalls into the open door of a small plane and takes control.  An afternoon at the controls of a Boeing 737 and you are good to go.  Follow that up with a flight lesson over downtown Toronto or the coastal mountains near Vancouver.

    5. High speed thrill  Stunt Car Driving Experience

    Bond pushes some really classy, cool, high end cars to their limit.   You can’t graduate to Bond level without mastering a few high speed techniques.  Wings and Slicks’ Stunt Driving course in Toronto will teach you how to do J-Turns, Reverse 180’s ( way, way cooler than a 3-point turn!) and Slalom Driving ( how else will you be able to navigate Milan or Paris traffic at 140 km’s hour).

    6.  Take aim…fire    Paintball adventures

    Nerves of steel and a steady hand enhance Bond`s impeccable shooting skills.   Test your skills under pressures as you battle it out in unique settings like `Tomb Raider` (not unlike 007 at the Pyramids in “Moonraker“) or Jungle Attack & Tropic Thunder (you can pretend to be like Sean Connery in the opening sequence of “Never Say Never Again“).   Combining state of the art paintball equipment and structured game play, Delta Force Paintball, the world`s largest paintball provider, will give you a unique, adrenaline filled experience.   Hone your weekend warrior skills warrior at a Delta Force Paintball adventures in Vancouver, Edmonton & Barrie

    7.  Bring the team together for  a mission  Mission Impossible Team Experience

    Laser fields, trip wires, pressure sensitive floor, bomb deactivation, cable ladder vault hacking, rappelling and zipline…I think that covers at least one scene ( if not 3 or 4) in all 24 Bond movies.  The Mission Impossible Experience with One Axe Pursuits is a team building exercise like no other.   If you want to treat your team to a fun, memorable day together and be crowned the title of coolest boss ever then surprise your employees with this adrenaline, filled experience that can take place in either Elora or downtown Toronto.   Here’s a thought…announce to your team at this year’s Christmas party that this is your gift to say thank you to them…spending a day training to be 007.


    After you’ve gone to the theatre and checked out ‘Spectre’ don’t walk away pumped on adrenaline only to live vicariously through Daniel Craig.  Grab your Bond Girl or Bond Guy and experience some heart pumping activities near you!

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