Interview With Sea To Sky Air

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    Breakaway Experience Whistler Squamish Flight Experiences, British ColumbiaThere’s so much to love about flying, from the incredible views to the thrill of taking off and landing.  Add to that the scenic views of British Columbia’s Coast Mountains that are too beautiful to bring to words.  From Vancouver, Squamish is about an hour’s drive and from Whistler, about 45 minutes.   Here is where Sea to Sky Air can take you up high in the sky and introduce you to some of the most breathtaking views you will ever experience.  If you are looking for fun things to do in Vancouver and surroundings, then add these scenic flight experiences to your list.

    I’ve been talking to David from Sea to Sky Air about the company and the incredible sightseeing sight and flight lessons they offer. 

    • Could you tell us a bit about the history of Sea to Sky Air or how your flight experiences began?

     Sea to Sky Air has provided flight services from Squamish for over 20 years. Our focus on providing genuine flight experiences in the mountains really began back in 2011, when we decided that we had the privilege and also the obligation to increase people’s awareness of what impressive feats of nature exist around every corner and over every ridgeline of the sea to sky corridor. We now take pride in educating people in our outdoor world that we are privileged to call ‘home’.

    • Why is Sea to Sky country one of the most amazing places to fly in the world?

    Sea to Sky Air Fly Sightseeing Tours with Breakaway Experiences - Whistler tour

    Because of the unique terrain. Nowhere else in Canada can you see evidence of each major geological force in one flight…Erosion, glaciation, volcanism, tectonics, and weather! Then, after gently touching back down, enjoy a BBQ on our patio and watch the bald eagles in Brackendale. It all adds up to a pretty special experience.


    Breakaway Experiences Alpine Lake Flight Experience, British Columbia2015 was indeed our first summer of the Phantom Lake Experience and it was very well received. We have been flying our float plane around the West Coast for the past 4 years just waiting to discover the perfect location for this experience and boy have we found it! Just minutes after takeoff you are transported into a different world, completely secluded from the craziness of “real life”!

    The lake is surrounded by massive granite rock faces and glaciers. Once on the beach and out of the aircraft, the only sound you’ll hear will be the waterfalls pouring into the lake. Waterfalls which are from snow melt and glaciers, meaning that the lake is a beautiful turquoise and also rather fresh!

    • Can you really take a dip in the alpine lake?

    You can, and should, jump into the lake! While it is not a hot spring, the freshness of the water seems to wash all the stress away and once warm and dry again on the beach it’s a simply mythical experience.

    Garibaldi lake, Table Mountain, Battleship Islands, the world famous Black Tusk, rumbling glaciers all around, secluded alpine cabins, the Sea to Sky Gondola, the beautiful Howe Sound, on clear days even Mt Baker way over in the U.S. Can I go on….?! The Whistler Backcountry tour really is hard to describe in words, and even cameras struggle to do justice to the truly 360 degree views!

    • In a word, how would you describe this flight experience? 

    JUST ONE WORD?!?! That’s tough! Actually one of the words that I hear most often from passengers right after they get out of the plane from a Whistler Backcountry Tour is “         “. Speechless isn’t actually a word that I can write, but most people actually are speechless!



    • Can you tell me what you think the best thing about learning to fly with you is?

     We think of our planes as an incredibly useful tool to allow us to experience the mountains and terrain around us. All of our pilots have this shared passion for the outdoors and while customers will leave with a few new skills, they will also have a dream of the outdoors sparked for life!
    Introductory flying lessons vancouver, squamish, british columbia with Breakaway Experiences

     We take the stress out of the learning experience by placing an emphasis on the surroundings around us. The beauty of our Coast Mountains is really what we focus on, and the fact that people can walk away with a new skill as well is pretty special.

    • Would you say your experiences are suitable for everyone?

     We have had an 8 month old child asleep on their way up to the Alpine Lake, to a 92 year old lady that needed transportation to get to a yoga retreat. So I would wholeheartedly say that everyone and anyone can get something out of our experiences.

    • What’s your most frequently asked question from customers…and of course, could you share the answer?

    Are you hiring? haha. We are lucky to live most people’s dreams, but we do not ever take that for granted and the more dreams we can share the happier we are.

    Thank you David for taking the time to speak with us.

    Whether you are looking for fun things to do in Vancouver and area or for a unique gift idea for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or wedding, these flights are definitely going to put a smile on their face…or better yet surprise someone by taking them along with you. Show them Whistler and the Coast Mountains from a spectacular perspective.   Whether you want to sit back and enjoy the spectacular ride or take the controls and learn to fly I can’t imagine a more beautiful place to soar.

    To buy a Sea To Sky Air flight experience visit:
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