Father’s Day Gift Guide

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    Why not spoil Dad!Breakaway Experiences Father's Day Gift Ideas
    This Father’s Day (June 19th …don’t forget!), why not spoil Dad with a gift that is unexpected, unforgettable and something he would not buy for himself? With the wide range of experience gifts in our Father’s Day Gift Guide, you can spend some quality time with your Dad and make memories that’ll last a lifetime. From coast to coast across Canada, from mild to wild, Breakaway Experiences has activities that would make the perfect Father’s Day gift.

    Year after year we struggle to find ‘that’ gift but sometimes if feels that finding a unicorn or leprechaun would be a lot easier.  It doesn’t help that maybe Dad doesn’t give hints or post notes on the fridge.  Points for Dad if he lets you know via Facebook or Twitter.  Get Dad out of the house to check an experience off his bucket list!

    Check out our top picks, coast to coast, for Father’s Day:



    Victoria:  Rainforest Guided Walking Tours
    Rainforest Guided Hiking Tour with Breakaway ExperiencesRainforest Guided Tours, Vancouver Island, Breakaway ExperiencesTake Dad on a guided hiking tour to one of the most stunning vistas on the planet. From lush rainforest canopies and hidden waterfalls, to colourful and rich tidal pools teaming with diverse sea life, the parks you explore will be sure to take your breath away.





    Vancouver: Dark Table RestaurantDark Table Restaurant Dining Experience Vancouver, Breakaway Experiences
    This is one of the most unique dining experiences Dad will ever have… and it’s for 2 people.  Drop some strong hints to be invited along. (It’s dark…you could get away with flicking a fork full or two his way.) But seriously, without the sense of sight, the senses of touch, taste, hearing and smell are intensified, allowing a new perception of reality. Dark Table offers Vancouver exceptional cuisine, superb service and a voyage to the unknown.




    Calgary: Rocky Mountain Sidecar Adventure
    Rocky Mountain Sidecar Adventure with Breakaway ExperiencesRocky-Mountain-Side-Car-Adventures-Breakaway-Experiences-5Rocky-Mountain-Side-Car-Adventures-Breakaway-Experiences-4Rocky-Mountain-Side-Car-Adventures-Breakaway-Experiences-3









    Dad can experience the ultimate vacation adventure by touring Calgary and the Rocky Mountains in the side car of a motorcycle. From the comfort of the sidecar Dad can enjoy incredible landscapes, catch the scent of meadows & mountains and stop for a picnic at the headwaters of a glacial stream.  Not quite Sons of Anarchy or Easy Rider, but hey, it’s Dad…a chauffeured side car tour is probably more his speed.

    Toronto: Stunt Car Driving Experience + Ride Along
    This is our coolest Father’s Day gift.  Dad can learn to drive like the stuntmen in the movies with a seasoned instructor right next to him.  PLUS we have a great Father’s Day special.  When you buy the Stunt Driving Experience we’ll give you the Ride Along experience for FREE. You get to be the back seat driver as Dad relives the 80’s Friday night Duke of Hazard.


    Ottawa: City Slicker Horseback Riding Adventure

    City Slicker Horseback Adventure, Ottawa Valley, Breakaway ExperiencesSeptember 2013 048horse_country_campground_fb6Giddy Up….you may have laughed together to Billy Crystal in the movie City Slickers and now Dad can get a taste of the cowboy life just outside of Ottawa.





    Montreal:  Learn To Fly A Helicopter
    Dad can become part of the very few who have ever experienced what it is like to fly a real helicopter!  During a 30-minute flight over Mont-Tremblant and the Laurentians Dad can take the controls of one of the most exciting and versatile aircraft in the world and enjoy a learning experience like no other.   The added bonus for you is that the Dad can bring along 2 more people to enjoy the ride and the spectacular  scenery!


    Halifax:  Stock Car Driving at Scotia Speedworld
    This is about as close as you can get to the real deal.  Slide behind the wheel of a race primed stock car for some high octane, adrenalin-fueled fun. Dad can see for himself the speed and power that these stock car racing machines bring to the table. Strap in, buckle up, and hang on for the driving experience of your life!



    (Note: Stock Car Driving is available at nine different locations coast to coast.)

    Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Check out our full range of gift ideas for Dad here.




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