Month: January 2017

    Breaking into 2017 contest!



    Breakaway Experiences January 2017 contest

    It’s a new year and it’s time for new adventures. 

    So, you’ve made some resolutions and let me guess…some have already started to waiver or have come to a complete stop.   This is where we can help!


    We all have a ‘bucket  list’ in one form or another – those experiences we’ve always wanted to try but have never got around to doing.


    At Breakaway Experiences, we’ve got experiences … lots of experiences…ranging from mild to WILD!!!


    We want to start 2017 by kicking someone off the couch and checking something off their bucket list with a $200 Breakaway Experiences gift certificate.


    How to enter to WIN!

    1.  Visit , find your favorite experience, and enter this experience below (click “Your bucket list experience” ).

    2.  Refer the contest to your friends on Facebook and Twitter to get more chances to win.


    Breaking into 2017 contest!

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